The experience gained over the years and the network of contacts with other transporters enables us to plan trips for any need with rates that are always in line with the market.
This result is achieved thanks to our extensive knowledge of all the solutions for transport on the most competitive routes such as: France, Spain, Germany, Austria and, thanks to our ability to organize the optimal combination of time, route, fuel, driver, ships or trains, to minimize costs.
We offer the integrated logistics service where the traffic office operates so as to benefit from the flexibility of the average company, with a time slot that covers a daily period of almost 16 hours continuously, planning every detail of the cargo transport to optimize both the time and cost of delivery.
Our 5,000 m3 warehouse allows for the storage of goods of any type in covered and uncovered areas depending on the type of material to be shipped. The areas are constantly under video surveillance with special devices for maximum product security.

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