We at Autotrasporti Pigozzi Antenore & C. S.n.c. believe the quality and reliability of our services are a key component of the company's guiding principles. We can thus satisfy the explicit and implicit requirements of our customers, as well as of all other active stakeholders, who are within the reference context, in compliance with the legal requirements and agreed upon by the interested parties on safety and health at the workplace and the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases. Autotrasporti Pigozzi Antenore & C. S.n.c. has built its reputation on providing efficient and high quality services, while maintaining the company's guiding principles, which include compliance with national and EU laws on finance, environment, safety at work, and protection of its service, dedicating the best available resources to the constant improvement of the above-mentioned aspects.
Improvement requires the involvement and participation of the entire staff, of a close-knit team with shared and common goals working in an organized and structured company which relies on:
  • Oversight of the efficiency of the vehicle fleet and the qualification of drivers;
  • Continuous training of workers on the traffic code and occupational health and safety regulations at the workplace;
  • Dissemination of company procedures to foster a culture of continuous improvement, of quality at all levels and to each individual co-worker and of "working in safety", being precise when responding to our customers' requests, and protecting the safety and health of workers and of everyone at the workplace, in order to prevent accidents and dangerous incidents;
  • In particular this year, the timely and periodic dissemination of the anti-contagion protocol, to safeguard the health of all the workers of Autotrasporti Pigozzi Snc, with the timely application and at all company levels of the operating instructions identified to avoid the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus in the workplace, given the ongoing pandemic.
  • Continuous compliance with current regulations paying particular attention to safety issues in the working environment; deliveries must be made as fast as possible but in compliance with company procedures that guarantee the safety and health of workers and third parties and the maximum safety of the transported goods;
  • Oversight of the internal organization to reduce and prevent the waste of means and resources through constant monitoring of the production values;
  • Continuous collaboration with the customer to offer a tailor-made service;
  • Use of a selected supplying park that meets the expectations of the customers by setting objective evaluation criteria to ensure a constant quality level for the purchased services and products;
  • Profit creation, as a guarantee of business continuity, through the compliance of the product and service with the explicit requirements specified by the Customer, to those implicit based on the use specified, as well as to the laws, rules and regulations relevant to our sector of activity, managing the related risks and opportunities;
  • Being aware of the responsibilities that the Company has towards the Health and Safety of its employees and towards the environment in which they work and in this regard declares that this policy responds and will respond in the future to the needs deriving from our activity, with reference to the nature and extent of the resulting risks;
  • Continuously strive to direct the operational strategy towards the protection of Health and Safety at the Workplace, in compliance with current legislation and with the current organizational model Quality -SGSL UNI-INAIL.
  • Periodically evaluate its ability to provide services that meet the needs of users by identifying the appropriate indicators and operate accordingly to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality Management System-SGSL UNI-INAIL.
The Policy is present in the entire organization and made available at the registered office to all interested parties and is reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate over time.
Suzzara (MN), 19/06/20

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